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The Seminole Companies is a privately held group of interrelated financial services entities that began operation in January of 2009 when Seminole Advisory Services, LLC (“SAS”) became the investment advisor for two commingled funds (one debt and one equity).

The foundation of The Seminole Companies is based upon established investment principles that guided our founder and CEO, Bob Banks, to power the success of the Midland Companies (“Midland”) from the 1970s through the 1990s. Mr. Banks previously served as the CEO of Midland, leading the company in its investment efforts on behalf of its pension fund clients. Midland closed over 2,500 transactions, delivering attractive yields until the ultimate sale of its advisory business to a third party.

After the sale of Midland and Mr. Banks’ eventual departure in 2003, the performance of what are now known as the Seminole Equity REIT (“Trust”) and the Seminole Mortgage Trust (“Mortgage Trust”) suffered under new management.

In 2008, the pension fund investors turned to Mr. Banks to analyze the under-performance of the funds and provide them with guidance.  In response to Mr. Banks’ analysis the pension fund investors requested that Mr. Banks resume the management of the Trust and Mortgage Trust. Thus, Mr. Banks formed Seminole Advisory Services, LLC and began management of the funds on January 30, 2009.

At the time SAS assumed management, both funds held numerous non-performing and under-performing investments; the respective values of which were greatly reduced from their initial capitalization. SAS’s focus was first to stabilize the performance of the inherited assets and then begin maximizing the value of the funds. Since that time, under SAS’s direction, both the Trust and the Mortgage Trust have returned to the level of being considered “performing investment funds”. Additionally, Seminole has worked diligently to develop top quality originations allowing SAS to deliver high yield preferred equity real estate related investments and renewable energy project finance investments.


The Seminole Companies acts as an investment advisor through its affiliate Seminole Advisory Services (“SAS”) and as an investment originator through its affiliate Seminole Financial Services (“Seminole”). In addition to managing two commingled funds, The Seminole Companies also places individual investments with financial intermediaries and other institutional investors.

Seminole focuses on originating debt and equity investments for renewable energy and multi-family real estate projects nationwide. Seminole’s finance programs include: short term (construction) and long term (mini-perm) loans for multi-family real estate and renewable energy; project-based equity for multi-family real estate; and tax credit equity for renewable energy transactions. Since 2009, The Seminole Companies has closed over 150 transactions totaling more than $1.3 billion in investments.

Seminole is regarded as a national leader in providing financing for renewable energy facilities up to small-scale utility in size (from $2 million to $40 million in loan size). In the multi-family real estate market (conventional, affordable, seniors housing and student housing) Seminole specializes in debt financing and acting as the money partner for project-based equity transactions (from $4 million to $20 million in investment size).


The Seminole Companies’ philosophy is to identify voids in the marketplace and then work to develop a niche program that can be expanded nationally.

Seminole is a fully-staffed vertically integrated organization that provides all services related to the investments it originates including: underwriting, asset management, and loan servicing. Seminole believes the most important part of an investment is the people behind that investment; therefore, Seminole spends significant resources to get to know its clients during the originating and underwriting process. Seminole strives for repeat business built upon long-term relationships rather than soliciting independent one-off transactions. With its ability to close hundreds of millions of dollars annually, Seminole has proven itself to be an extremely reliable and efficient source of capital for its clients.

Operating as an “open book” and providing complete transparency to its investors are cornerstones of the Seminole Companies’ values. For the comingled funds that SAS manages, The Seminole Companies hosts quarterly meetings in which all of its investors’ representatives are invited to receive status updates for each investment, analyze the performance of the funds, and participate in a question and answer session. As a direct result of the stable relationships that Seminole has forged with its renewable energy and real estate clients, SAS is respected by its investors as an investment advisor that routinely provides above market yields.




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