SEMINOLE ADVISORY SERVICES is an SEC-regulated Registered Investment Advisor specializing in yield-generating real estate strategies that are short to mid-term in duration. It is the investment management arm of The Seminole Companies, and is led by a team of real estate experts who have decades of experience structuring both equity and debt transactions for the benefit of institutional investors.

LOW CORRELATION to typical core fixed income allocations is a primary objective of the strategy, while adding very favorable returns with mitigation of risk through policies and practices shaped over many years of successful transaction management.

HIGH YIELD, MID-TERM LIQUIDITY investments are structured to deliver returns in the low-to-mid teens, by underwriting preferred equity investments that primarily fund construction of single-purpose operating entities within the multi-family housing sector. The focus is on market-rate apartments, student and senior housing, and skilled nursing facilities.

FULL LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT of the project from origination to closing, with the collaboration of experts who have worked together for many years, is the lifeblood of Seminole’s proven success. By specializing in particular segments of the industry and maintaining relationships with reliable, successful partners, the potential for attractive yields while mitigating volatility is maximized.


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