Renewable Energy

Seminole Financial Services (“SFS”) has become a market leader in providing interim and permanent financing for renewable energy transactions, successfully providing capital for 500kW – 10MW renewable energy projects that traditionally have had a difficult time procuring financing.

SFS has made a commitment to the renewable energy finance business, allocating time and capital to educate our people and teaming with industry experts in renewable energy finance, tax credits and technology. Seminole has provided financing for:


  • Distributed Solar Rooftop systems
  • Ground Mounted Solar Farms
  • Distributed Wind projects
  • Community Wind projects
  • Small Wind Farms with Rebuilt Turbines


SFS provides exceptional customer service, quantitative analysis, and the transactional tools necessary to meet the challenges of financing Renewable Energy Tax Credit transactions. Our services will provide both strategic and operational value for Renewable Energy transactions.


SFS has experience with Renewable Energy Finance structures that include:


  • Investment Tax Credits (ITC)
  • New Market Tax Credits (NMTC)
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)
  • Inverted Lease Structures
  • Partnership Flip Structures
  • Sale Leaseback Structures


A key ingredient to our success is providing the highest professional and ethical standards, delivering it in a personal, family-like manner. We are in the “relationship business” and provide the highest level of satisfaction to everyone we do business with and for.


Our Renewable Energy Finance program is the cooperative interaction of finance, technology, and the environment which creates an enhanced combined effect that is greater than the sum of each individual effect. We are a socially responsible company committed to financing Renewable Energy transactions that will enhance our environment and create value for our economy, benefiting many generations to come.


For more information on our program please contact

Chris Diaz, Senior Vice President – Renewable Energy


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Matt Wilson
CEO, Foundation Windpower


John Pimentel
President, Foundation Windpower


Craig Dublanko
CEO, Coastal Energy Wind


Stanley Chin
CEO, Clean Focus


Randy Joseph
CEO, Lime Wind


Jim Rice
CEO, Nautilus Solar